CES 2009 – Sony Vaio netbook details leak

Sony's already admitted that it's plotting a Vaio netbook for this week's gadget extravaganza at CES. Fortunately for all us tech hungry types though,

According to the fellas at Electricpig, the new Vaio P netbook will rock 3G support, built–in GPS, with the trackpad being replaced by a specially designed 'nipple'. No, seriously.

There'll be an Intel Atom under the hood, natch, with HDD and SSD options, 2GB of RAM and possibly even the potential to house Windows 7. However, there's one big catch, it's all set to cost €700. So about £700.

Obviously, this'll be aimed right at business types immune from impending financial doom. Still, if Sony thinks you can make money from netbooks, you can be sure that Apple won't be far behind.

To find out out Apple's netbook plans, check out our live blog tomorrow at 6pm for coverage of the Macworld keynote. And for the latest CES news, head to our dedicated blog.