CES 2009 – Sony drops browser packing compact camera

We're pretty used to breezing round the net on out blowers these days, but Sony's just taken things in a whole new direction, unleashing a compact cam

The DSC–G3 has been floating about on rumour sites for months, but the new snapper is now finally official. The idea is that you'll use the 10MP toting peeper to take pics if your buddies and them upload them direct to Flicr or Facebook. No need to slap your card into your lappie any more chaps.

Specs–wise, it comes with the aforementioned 10MP sensor, 4x optical oom and face detection. There's also access to the Easy Upload Home Page, Sony's dedicated place for sticking pics and vids on the web.

There's no word on UK pricing or availability, but we'll be sure to get some answers when we hit the Sony stand later today here at CES.