CES 2009: Sharp unveils Aquos BD Blu–Ray TVs

Blu–Ray has been laying low so far at this year's CES, but Sharp has just pushed the hi–def format right to the top of the agenda, unleash

Dubbed the Aquos BD series, each model comes with a Blu–Ray drive slapped round the side, a rather fetching blue finish, Full HD and a stonking four HDMI ports for wiring up all your other home cinema goodies.

You'll also be able to play regular DVDs and CDs through the tellies too. Plans are afoot to bring out models in 32, 37, 42, 46 and 52 inches, with the bigger models hitting shelves next month.

Sadly, there's no news on price, but you can bet it won't be aimed at anyone currently taking a hammering from the recession. More's the pity!