CES 2009: Pico Projector Roundup

Texas DLP's mini Pico chips have been getting into all sorts of mini-projectors this CES. Of course, Optoma's projector was the first but this year sa

The MBP200 is a PMP with a projector built-in. Sleek in black and with touch controls, the 16GB player can project videos and any number of office docs as well as being a pocketable MP3/4 player.

Samsung have also developed a mobile phone with a projector built in, hot on the heels of the Logic. Dubbed the 'Show' until an official name is decided upon, the touchscreen handset has an ultra-bright OLED screen and can project media you've loaded or recorded with the 5MP camera.

It's heading for Korea only, unfortunately but don't get too upset as we wouldn't exactly call it pocket-friendly. Videos of both Samsung goodies below.