CES 2009 – Motorola unveils three new phones

Motorola's always been keen to use CES as a launchpad for its new blowers. And having given over the E8 and ROKR last time round, Moto's back with thr

They have, however, come over all green, with the Renew W233. It's on the basic side, but the Moto's suits claim it's carbon neutral and crafted from recycled water bottles. There's also a rugged flip phone, dubbed the Tundra VA76r, which is due to hit shelves in the US as soon as next week.

The real winner though is the SURF A1300, packing in Windows Mobile, HSDAP, a 3MP snapper, AGPS and card support up to 32GB. It's due to do its thing in Asia first, before heading over to the UK later in the year.

We'll be at Motorola's stand as soon as they fling the doors open at CES, so keep it locked for any more news as soon as we get it. And remember to follow all the CES action in our dedicated blog.