CES 2009: Live at the Sony press conference

5.00 And that's it. Hardly a barnstorming show (and no mention of the new Reader) but there is plenty more on display on the booth. There's a bunch of

5.00 And that's it. Hardly a barnstorming show (and no mention of the new Reader) but there is plenty more on display on the booth. There's a bunch of 3D tech, specifically for broadcasting 3D sports events to cinemas - but also consumer 3DTV sets that require glasses. We'll have a full tour report later.

You can check my video of the cool new Walkman X-Series - Sony's iPod Touch rival, and probably this conference's biggest announcement. We'll have some more at Howard Stringer's keynote tomorrow morning.

4.59 There are network-ready Bravias too - the XBR9 will allow internet video, and add 240Hz Motion Flow technology to bring enhanced clarity to fast-moving video. The Yahoo! widget engine is built-in too, adding Flickr, weather, Yahoo! videos and more. Let's hope Yahoo! survives 2009!

4.56 And now the Green Credentials piece, which is a recurrent theme from today's press conferences. I've never heard so much about Energy Star. There are new Eco Bravia sets that have a bunch of interesting features like reducing backlighting in dark enviroments (which should improve picture quality with deeper blacks), a 0-watt standby mode, and an auto-switchoff when no motion is sensed in a room (so you'd better keep moving while you're watching TV, alright?

4.55 More OLED prototypes at CES. There will be more OLED announcements from Sony tomorrow, too.

4.50 Blu-ray will continue to grow, despite the recession, we're told. Sure, but how fast exactly? Will it ever be mainstream?

4.48 And now the 8innetbook, with integrated Wi-Fi and 3G plus GPS. Full details at the bottom of this post. It's available tomorrow.

4.46 Sony's Webbie camcorders are revealed - Sony's Flip rivals (full details below). Both cost under $200 - the high-end version has a 5x xoom and swivel LCD, available tonight. The cheaper model ships in April for £170, and features a moveable lens.

4.44 There will be a big photography announcement from Sony tomorrow. But today we learn about Sony's new camcorders - with hi-def camcorders with up to 240GB plus GPS for geotagging.

4.42 Some newbies from Sony Ericsson that introduce Cybershot features like face detection:

4.41 The new Walkmans are revealed. You'll find my video of them over on the Future Stuff blog.

4.30 The introduction is pretty downbeat - it starts on the set of Jeopardy and continues with an analysis of a tough market. But Sony, we're told, is still doing well.

As the conference kicks off we already have some information about Sony's new products:

Sony's first netbook - VAIO P Series Lifestyle PC - currently available for pre-orders at $900 - 1.4lbs, 8in 'ultra-wide' display for web pages viewing - Integrated GPS - Available in five colours - red, green, white and two blacks.

Sony's X-Series Walkman music player - 3in touchscreen OLED display - WiFi for web browsing and YouTube - Built-in noise cancelling - FM radio

19 new Bravias available in spring - 240Hz, Ethernet capable.

Flip-style camcorders called Webbie - -$200 for HD video MP4 camcorder that takes 5 megapixel stills with 5x zoom lens and swivel display

$400 Blu-Ray Disc player plus high-end $2000 model