CES 2009 – LG unveils Freesat and 200Hz TVs

Having given over a rather slick LED TV, the might LH9500, LG certainly isn't resting on its laurels in the lead up to CES. They've just unveiled two

It's the LH5000 that's really caught our eye. We first got a peep at it out in Korea and it clearly shows LG is coming up on the rails in the race for faster pictures on your telly. Samsung and Sony might have shown off their efforts back at IFA, but this really is going to give them something to think about.

Rocking their TruMotion 200HZ tech, it will got head to head with Sony's Motionflow for the crown of top HD TV. The jury's out, but we can't wait to see how pics look running at 200 frame per second.

On top of that. LG's also getting into the Freesat game with the LF7700 – going up against Panasonic's Viera tellies. They've also got plans for a Plasma version later in 2009. It's certainly a looker and one LG is hoping will be a great second TV for those who've already got a Sky dish chained to their wall.

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