CES 2009 – Kodak shows off Zx1 rugged camcorder

Cheap and easy to use camcorders were the surprise gadget hit of 2008. And Kodak's 720p packing Zi6 was right up there with the Flip and Creative Vado

It rocks a 'weather resistant' bod', meaning it can withstand splashes and drops, although we're not sure it'll be as doughty as the hardy JCB toughphone. Like the Zi6, it shoots in 720p HD, with video capture n 30fps and 60fps.

There's a 2in LCD for you to keep an eye on your handiwork, as well as  direct uploading to YouTube. You can shove in SD cards up to 32GB, letting you snag a massive 10 hours of hi–def content to boot.

It's due to get an airing at CES, coming in black, red, pink, blue and yellow, with a string of accessories, including an 'Adventure Mount' and dedicated tripods, available separately.

We'll be getting a closer look at CES. You can get all the latest from the world's greatest gadget show in our dedicated blog.