CES 2009: HP's Firebird looks hot

Flaming heck – check out HP's Firebird, designed by the chaps at custom PC specialists VoodooPC. The last collaboration – the Blackbird – was OK, but

The last collaboration – the Blackbird – was OK, but it was big, noisy and expensive.

Learning from past mistakes, the Firebird is a small form factor desktop which – unlike other games PCs – contains completely bespoke parts for maximum power at lowest cost.

The highlight is two vertically mounted NVIDIA GeForce 9800 chips for the graphics power, as well as a third integrated GPU which can act as a PhysX co-processor.

That means it looks great and puts out more than enough power for all the latest games. The entire system is overclocked and water cooled, and runs in near silence. Best of all, though, it retails for just $1799 here in the US. Here's hoping it arrives on UK shores soon.