CES 2009 – check out the CES podcast

CES is finally starting to wind down, but it's been a hell of a week for gadget fanatics the world over, with a slew of new gadgets to get super excit

We've got all the latest news, including Sony's killer new X1000 touchscreen Walkman, the iPhone–baiting Palm Pre, Sharp's Blu–Ray packing Aquos BD TV, new netbooks from Sony and Asus the arrival of Windows 7.

On top of that we've got a walkthrough of Microsoft's new OS. Find out if it can take on the might of Mac OSX with its sharp design and speedier start up times.

And then there's all the biggest trends from CES too, with cloud computing, 3D TVs, touchscreens and internet tellies all coming to the forte here in Las Vegas.

Listen to the podcast now and remember to tell us what you think of all the happenings at CES over in the forums.