CES 2008 - LG and Tosh unveil wireless plasma and LCD screens

The Consumer Electronics Show press day is now officially under way thanks to a horribly early LG press conference (8am on a Sunday morning after a 2

The big news for cable-haters is the unveiling of a new series of Full HD plasma and LCD screens that feature wireless video transmission. The LGX series of LCD screens are just 1.7in think and have wireless built in, while the flagship plasma model, the PG70, is described as 'wireless ready'.

These are also the first LG screens to feature THX and ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) certification, which should mean seriously impressive audio and video quality. You can find the full details about the new screens over at our sister site,

Toshiba also announced it will launch screens with 'wireless HDMI' in the second half of 2008. Before then, we'll see the new flagship Regza XF550 LCD series, which feature the Full HD, 120Hz, 4 HDMI ports and the world's thinnest bezel, at 0.9in. The tiny bezel means that the biggest screen - 52 inches - fits in the space of a standard 46in screen.

Tosh's presentation also contained two early entries into our Stuff PR Guff awards for the emptiest marketing catchphrases: 'black is the new black' and '120Hz is the new 1080p'. Still not quite as good as Pioneer's claim to be 'redefining flat' (what as - bumpy?)