Cello unleashes affordable 3D for the masses

Fancy a full HD 3D telly for 500 notes? We know we do

3D TVs have been lurking around for a while now, teasing us from the corners of retailers with their fancy extra dimension and high price tags. Cello has decided to rectify the wallet vs desire dilemma by offering full HD 3D sets at prices that won’t require a second mortgage or the sale of a kidney. Prices are £500 and £700 for the 42in and 47in models respectively and because the sets are rocking LG’s passive display panels, additional glasses will only set you back £20. 

If you fancy getting your 3D on, especially with Wimbledon around the corner, then there’s never been a better time to bite – you’d have to have the willpower of a Shaolin monk not to.