Celebrating one year of the Raspberry Pi

We take a look at some of the little computer's fanciest tricks and impressive accomplishments as it turns a year old today.

The Raspberry Pi turns a year old today, so we've decided to look at five of the best achievements earned by the little computer that could. Before stuffing down a few cakes down in its honour.

Raspberry Pi – SNES emulator

It didn't take long for someone to use the Raspberry Pi for an old school gaming fix. Ted from FamiLab took it upon himself to convert the little PC into an emulator that also plays nice when you plug actual SNES game cartridges into it too, offering the best of both worlds.

Raspberry Pi – Taking photos of space

Despite its tiny size, the Raspberry Pi has achieved some pretty big things. Dave Akerman managed to set up a Raspberry Pi-powered system with a webcam, GPS receiver and radio transmitter and send the whole lot into the edge of space, capturing some impressive shots in the process. Aren't you glad we didn't use an 'out of this world' pun?

Raspberry Pi – The BeetBox

We enjoyed covering the BeetBox last year. It's not often you come across an instrument powered by a combination of technology and root vegetables that makes use of capacitive touch sensors and a drizzle of Arduino code. Credit for the wacky idea goes to Scott Garner, who we can only presume has long-since polished off said vegetables.

Raspberry Pi – The Doorbell of Doom

It might not be much to look at but Connor O'Neill's Raspberry Pi-powered Doorbell of Doom is a welcome improvement over the tired cheesy tinkling of today's offerings. From Mr Burns' "Release the hounds" to the Home Alone gangster pizza delivery audio, it's begging for mischief. HAL doorbells, here we come.

Brewing Controller

The BrewPi combines two of our favourite things – tech and beer – thanks to  a modified Raspberry Pi which acts as a fermentation controller for those looking to craft their own happy water. Check out brewpi.com to get you started on your merry journey.

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