Casio drops string of new digicams

With Nikon and Sony already showing off their new compact digicams, its Casio's turn to come to the party with four new snappers that won't cripple yo

If you're after top–of–the range, the EX–Z300 is where it's at. Alongside a 'make–up mode' to blur out any ungainly facial blemishes while you're clicking away, you also get a hefty 3in LCD round the back, a 10MP sensor and three different shades – black, silver and gold. Oh, and it comes in at a wallet–friendly £230.

The remaining trio are what might politely be termed 'budget', each toting a 9MP sensor – there's the EX–Z19 for £130, the EX–Z85 for £149 and the EX–Z250 clocking in at £199. Apparently the latter bears a passing resemblance to the Z300.

So, there you have it. Casio's answer to the might Nikon S60 and Sony Cybershot T700. Can they compete? Let us know what you think in the comments section.


Casio EX–Z300, EX–Z19, EX–Z85, EX–Z250

Price: EX–Z300 £230, EX–Z19 £130, EX–Z85 £149, EX–Z250 £199

On sale: September

Contact: Casio