Carphone Warehouse readies mobile 'trade–in calculator'

Being a gadget obsessive, we're willing to bet you're partial to changing your mobile more often than Kate Moss changes her clothes. And Carphone Ware

That's why they're firing up a new 'trade–in calculator' on their site. All you need to do is tap in the name of your phone and it'll let you know how much your old mobile costs. You can them redeem that for cold hard cash, or put it towards your next blower.

Carphone reckons two million people in the UK are due an upgrade, which apparently means £10 million of unclaimed cash is shackled in all those old school Nokias and Samsungs.

Head over to Carphone's site now and give it whirl. It means you might be able to afford that next–gen cell you've been pining for.