A car called Fetch and Mr Chips – Catchphrase legend Roy Walker on tech that rocks his world

I don’t even know what brand my PC isI wanted to get a Mac but I didn’t in the end – I just went to PC World. I had a laptop before

I wanted to get a Mac but I didn’t in the end – I just went to PC World. I had a laptop before that which was second-hand, but then my daughter confiscated it.

I’m getting more enthusiastic about gadgets

The first gadget I ever bought was a Casio watch with loads of different functions. It could change the date and time, and I managed to get the stopwatch going… I didn’t read the instructions because I’m one of those people that loses them within two days and then have to find out or ask people.

I couldn’t live without my phone

It’s the greatest invention in the world. It’s a friend, a companion, company, it’s everything. It’s the greatest invention ever. I’ve just changed my phone, to a Motorola Razr Z10, and was told it would be the same as my old one. But it’s not! Just as soon as you become comfortable with the last one you change to a new one and have no idea.

If I could invent a gadget, it would be a car that did your shopping

A tiny car would get out of the boot, and go up and down the aisles. It would have sat-nav for things like baked beans and wild rice, the things you can never find - pasta sauce and decent wine at £6.99 a bottle. I’d call it Fetch.


People always ask me where Mr Chips got his name

It’s an obvious thing – Mr Chips, computer chip. The snake charmer is probably the most famous outtake in the world. They’ve shown it all around the world and I’ve made quite a bit of money out of it. Because you don’t need volume to be able to play, anyone can watch Catchphrase. It’s the number one programme among the deaf. Isn’t that amazing?

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