Capital FM’s Dave Berry: YouTube isn’t killing the radio star

Dave Berry co-presents the Capital FM breakfast show with Lisa Snowdon. But he doesn’t have a massive collection of Toby Jugs

According to Wikipedia, I owned Britain’s largest collection of Toby Jugs. That’s not true, but it’s very funny. I love a little Wiki check on anything from celeb guests on my shows (always cross reference) to what Fred Savage from The Wonder Years does now.

YouTube isn’t killing the radio star. If anything, it’s giving me and the breakfast show team at Capital FM another way to have fun in the mornings. Our Nicolas Cage Sexy and I Know It film got about 300,000 hits worldwide. In my XFM days I used to post a video every week – a body of work I’m very proud of.

The gadget I use most is my iPhone, particularly the Sky Sports app, Twitter, email and iTunes. I even used it to ring someone once. I got the wrong number, though. Asking me to choose between TV and radio is like asking me to choose my favourite child (Ollie, by the way). As a consumer I prefer TV, but as a broadcaster it’s radio. No offence, TV execs.

My gaming time is spent mainly on FIFA. Taking Charlton Athletic to the Cup Final and buying new players for the squad is a wonderful way to unwind. Before I moved to the dark side [FIFA], Dad and I would sit and play Pro Evolution Soccer. It’s a great leveller for a banterous father-son evening.

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