Can't afford a Vanquish? How about this £25,000 Aston Martin bike instead?

Already planning your Euro millions wish list? How about this two-wheeled Aston that's packed with more tech than the Batpod?

Aston Martin has decided to take a break from rolling out sports cars like its £190,000 Vanquish by commissioning Norfolk-based Factor Bikes to create the Aston Martin One-77, the world's most technologically advanced bike, in its eyes at least.

Taking seven people over two weeks to make, the One-77 packs Bluetooth and the power of an on-board touchscreen-controlled computer which allows riders to measure speed, temperature and even their heart's electrocardiography readings and body temperature via handlebar sensors. Fancy stuff.

With only 77 being made in seven different colours (including classic racing green) you'd better start sifting through the couch cushions and save up those pennies. Now excuse us, we've got some lottery tickets to buy...

[Factor Bikes via PocketLint]

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