Canon readies two new HD camcorders

Who wants a Busbi camcorder when you can pony up the best part of a month’s wages for an HD one instead? Clearly, that’s what Canon is hop

Rocking 60GB and 120GB of storage respectively, you’ll be able to store a massive 22 hours of tiresome footage of the kids on a trampoline on the HG20, and a frankly insane 45 hours on the HG21.

Each model will capture pics in AVCHD at 1920x1080p. That’s full HD for those who’ve not been paying attention at gadget school.

Add to that support for SD cards in each model and you’re looking at space to cram hour after hour of potential You’ve Been Framed material.

Canon’s keeping quiet about prices, presumably because they’re embarrassed about how high they’ll be. Expect to see both models in a tech emporium near you next month.


Canon HG20 and HG21

Price: £TBA

On sale: September

Contact: Canon