Canon outs A480 compact camera

With new cameras set to dominate gadget headlines as the massive PMA show approaches fast, Canon has kicked off proceedings with the unveiling of a ne

Aimed at anyone from' seven to 70 ' (why septuagenarians and infants remain in the cold is a mystery to us), the new camera packs in all the features we've come to expect from a standard snapper.

There's the usual face detection tech, a 3.3x optical zoom, 15 shooting modes and a 10MP sensor which should be more than enough for casual pics in the park or on your annual schlep to the Spanish costas.

Round the back there's 2,5in LCD for checking out your pics, as well as 30fps VGA video in case you want to make a few home movies on the fly too. It's due in blue, silver, red and black.

It's out now, although Canon's keeping quiet about price. Expect it to come in cheap for those being screwed by the recession though.


Canon A480

Price: £TBA

On sale: Now

Contact: Canon