Canon EOS M enters the compact system camera ring

Cat, meet pigeons. Canon throws its SLR heritage at the compact system camera game. But can it win?

If you’d been asking yourself what an SLR whale like Canon does when the minnows start attacking its turf with Micro Four Thirds and other compact system cameras, here’s your answer: if it can’t beat them, it can join them.

Hence the Canon EOS M, the company’s first compact system camera, aimed at clawing back the quality market from the CSC upstarts who’ve started cutting into its SLR stronghold (we’re looking at you Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and Olympus).

The Canon EOS M offers an 18MP APS-C hybrid CMOS sensor with Canon’s DIGIC 5 image processing and and a “super fast” shutter, twinned with night vision-like ISO (extendable to ISO 25600).

Round the back there’s a 3in LCD touchscreen, opening up a range of filters and effects, and also the ability to switch to full HD video capture with stereo audio.

The Canon EOS M is released in October. Pricing starts at £770 for the body plus EF-M 18-55mm lens.

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