Canon EOS 7D announced for October

Following on from this year's earlier EOS 5D Mark II, Canon has pulled the covers off the EOS 7D, an 18 megapixel DSLR put together from the recommend

Taking it back to the drawing board and redesigning the EOS 7D from the ground up has seen the camera company taking on suggestions from photographers as to what features would meet their needs.

This has seen the EOS 7D able to capture up to 8 frames per second, shoot in low lighting with the ISO range expandable to 12,800, and feature a fully manual full HD movie mode which allows you to change settings such as exposure and frame rate.

The EOS 7D is also Canon's first EOS to include a Dual-Axis Electronic Level that will show pitch and roll angles on both the viewfinder and 3-inch LCD screen – good for when you're trying to ensure you're not holding your camera wonky.

The new model also features an improved built-in flash with manual control, and another EOS first that sees photographers able to control external Speedlite flash units without any additional accessories.

Priced up at £1,600, it does come in a little cheaper than its EOS 5D Mark II big brother, but here's hoping it impresses us just as much.