Canon 1D Mark IV pro DSLR supersnapper on its way

While most of us like to dabble in a spot of amateur photography – maybe even investing in a tasty DSLR – there are few of us who could ho

At £4499, it isn't the most affordable of DSLRs, but boy-oh-boy is it a beast. A 16.1MP APS-H CMOS sensor soaks up light and turns it into photographic loveliness. Meanwhile a 45-point Auto Focus system keeps things pin sharp and dual "DIGIC 4" processors enable continuous shooting of up to 121 high-resolution images at 10 frames per second.

Then there's its low light capability... With an ISO range up to 12,800 – extendable to 102,400 if you don't mind sacrificing a little resolution – low light shooting promises to be an absolute dream.

Do you like movies? You do? Well the 1D Mark IV has you covered there too, with similar cinematic chops to its more affordable cousin the Canon 5D Mark II, pumping out 1080p footage with droolingly filmic shallow depth-of-field shots and mega low light performance.

The 1D Mark IV is on sale from the end of December. Better start ebaying the furniture now...