Canary: the cheapest, smartest home security solution around?

This small cylinder packs a dizzying array of sensors to keep your home safe from intruders
Meet Canary, the world’s first “smart home security device”

Hi-tech home security is nothing new, but new device Canary is a definite first: an affordable, compact all-in-one solution that takes half a minute to set up and keeps you updated via your smartphone.

Packed into Canary’s small cylindrical body is an impressive array of sensor technology. Motion, temperature, humidity and air quality are all monitored, and there’s also a wide angle, HD night vision camera and microphone on board.

Alerts sent straight to your phone

Canary app

Connecting to your broadband via Wi-Fi, Canary will feed your iOS or Android device updates from home, and alert you when it thinks something is out of the ordinary. It creates a “lifestream” of all events that you can scroll through if you wish, and thanks to geofencing it’ll disarm itself when you get close to home.

Canary launched on crowdfunding site Indiegogo on 22nd July and has already raised more than triple its funding goal. You can reserve your own Canary by contributing US$199 (postage to the US is free, elsewhere costs an extra US$30), or wait until it actually launches early next year.

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