Can online news be free forever?

Fight, fight, fight! Online news – should it be paid for? That’s the argument. In the red corner, one of the richest and most influential figures in g

In our editorial deathmatch, Rupert Murdoch (played by Spitting Image’s rejected first attempt at a Prince Philip puppet) plans to put his media empire behind a pay wall – and that means no more free news for the proletariat.

But the Guardian’s Alan Rusbridger (played by Harry Potter’s biological father) is dressing up as Robin Hood to try to bring about a fairytale ending – and that means free news for everyone forever after.

Rusbridger reckons advertising money will follow good journalism and that an old-fashioned pay-for-content model goes against everything the internet stands for. His hardline stance hints that Murdoch’s aggressive tactics will threaten the freedom of the press.

And we’ve heard whispers – only whispers, mind – that a new device launching tomorrow may have some effect on the long-term result of this feud. You can check back with us at 6pm tomorrow evening to find out.

What do you think? Do you still buy a newspaper? Would you pay for online news? Will tablets and ereaders make a difference? And if you had to put your last penny on an outcome in our deathmatch, who would win?