Call of Duty developer backs Ouya console

Ex CoD producer dons his Android hat and begins work on one of the first Android-powered Ouya console titles

Ex-Call of Duty producer Robert Bowling sees potential in Ouya's upcoming Android games console – his development studio Robotki is planning to bring an episodic prequel to next-gen title Human Element to the Ouya console.

Not much is known about either title yet, but we expect the Ouya prequel to shed light on how Human Element's zombie-infested world came to be. Anyone that’s jumped on the Ouya donation bandwagon will also get exclusive updates about the game.

Bowling casually mentioned his US$10,000 contribution to the Ouya Kickstarter project (which has raised US$5 million), so it’s safe to expect a polished title from the Robotki team come release day.

[Kickstarter via Engadget]

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