The Buzz: the web's best stuff on…the Moon landings

The 40th anniversary of the Moon Landings, inspired some of the web's most creative and banal folk in equal measure from Google to singing animals. He

Using a compilation of new footage and a fistful of clips from President Obama's inauguration, Slate put together a frighteningly convincing news spot. Our favourite moment is the Who's Your Favourite Astronaut?, Day Today style pie chart.

We choose the Moon

Taking its title from John F Kennedy's 1962 speech announcing the Apollo missions ("We choose to go to the Moon…not because they are easy, but because they are hard…), We Choose The Moon allows you to follow the Moon landings from mission launch to the astronauts return to Earth. It uses remarkably rendered graphics combined with audio and photographs from the time.

Hi-def footage from an unmanned Japanese moon mission

These images look like renders but are actually footage taken by a Japanese space probe orbiting three miles above the surface of the Moon.

The Onion: "We can't believe you're on the f*cking Moon…" (NSFW)

The Onion's reveals that the 'lost' footage of the Moon landings was swearier than a night-in with Gordon Ramsay.

Google Earth

Google Earth, Google's repository of the mapping data it'll need to fully complete its conquest of the universe, has added the Moon for you to explore. You can now study lunar imagery, review historical data, images and videos from the Apollo missions and view 3D models of the lunar landing vehicles.

Rather Good: "We like the moon"

The Spongmonkies sing their cacophonous ditty in praise of the moon. "We love the moon/but not as much as a spoon/because that is used for eating soup…" That's a sentiment we can all buy in to, isn't it?