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Buy a self-driving Volvo in 2014

Who wants to do all the hard work of driving in traffic when future Volvos will do it for you?

Unless, for some bizarre reason, you enjoy the pain of driving in heavy traffic, Volvo’s traffic assist technology could revolutionise the daily, traffic-ridden commute.

Brand new Volvos already include lane assist, which keeps you from veering off into the hard shoulder, and adaptive cruise control, which keeps you a set distance from the car in front so you don’t have to do anything – though you still can’t nap at the wheel, obviously.

By 2014, the two technologies will combine to create traffic assist. All you have to do is press a button, set your preferred distance between you and the car in front and – provided traffic remains below 50km/h – the Volvo will do the driving for you, saving you from the monotony that is the modern-day commute.

Take that, congestion.

[Newspress via Recombu]

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