Burton launches youth-sized Star Wars Snowboards and helmet

Flaunt your inner nerd on the slopes this winter with this snowboarding gear from a galaxy far, far away

Burton's newly announced range of kid-sized Star Wars snowboards will make you long for a dip in the fountain of youth.

Ranging from 80-130cm, the boards are emblazoned with a range of Star Wars favourites including Yoda, Darth Vader and a cavalcade of Stormtroopers and can be picked up for £125 each.

The slopes are dangerous, which is why any parent with even a minute shred of sensibility (or geekery) will also want to consider the equally fetching Avid-Grom R2-D2 polycarbonate helmet for their junior Jedi. It's priced at US$100 and will be on sale on November 15th.

Not for the first time in our lives, we find ourselves wishing we were a lot younger…

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