Bundlebox - shop online in the US for less

It's quite a bone of contention with most of us in the Stuff office that our friends on the other side of the pond very often manage to get the latest

Not only that, but there's even gadgets released over there that don't even make it to UK shores, such as the rather lovely Zune HD.

Often the problem is that some of the US websites either won't ship to us Brits, or want to charge us extortionate shipping costs to get it to us. Then there's import tax worries to deal with...

Luckily a new service has launched called Bundlebox, which makes buying your gadgets from the States                    easier.

You can register for an account for free, and you will be given your very own US shipping address to have your goodies sent to. This will mean you'll also be able to benefit from any free US postage deals.

You can keep buying as much as you want, and then choose when Bundlebox should ship it out to you in the UK - they'll ask you to provide details on the purchases so they can calculate the import duty and VAT charges you'll need to pay so there's no surprises.

Once your Bundlebox has been posted, the company promise to get your goodies to you within 5 working days.

We've given it a try by checking out what the shipping charges would be for some items, and in some cases it works out cheaper, other times not - but it could well be more handy for items you can't get your hands on over here.

Will this be handy for your Christmas shopping? Let us know if you'd use it below.