This build-it-yourself Konstruktor will show you how cameras work

Lomography’s Konstruktor is a 35mm film SLR that comes in a kit for home assembly
Lomography Konstruktor

Want to know how a film camera works? Not in a “you push this button here” way, but in a nuts and bolts way? If the answer is yes, Lomography’s latest offering the Konstruktor might be right up your street.

It comes as a multi-part kit and requires user assembly. In the hour or two it takes to put it together, you’ll learn a lot about the mechanical inner workings of a camera – and then you’ll have a Lomo snapper to go out and take pictures with.

Lomo's first SLR camera

Lomography Konstruktor in box

The Konstructor takes 35mm film and is Lomography’s first ever SLR camera. SLR stands for single lens reflex, a setup that allows you to look “through the lens” via a viewfinder when composing photos. It also features a 50mm F10 lens, which is detachable suggesting that, in the future, there may be additional lenses released.

The camera is available now from Lomography’s online store, priced at US$35.