BT bringing broadband to 'not spots'

Areas with particularly band broadband provision (particularly rural towns) are set to see an improvement thanks to BT Openreach. Using a technique ca

Using a technique called Broadband Enabling Technology, it plans to bring up to 2MB broadband to places that have previously been stuck with a trickle of data.

Trials in Inverness and Dingwall in the far North of Scotland have already been put in place but eight other locations will now benefit from the technology:

    •    Twyford, Berkshire

    •    Badsey, Worcestershire

    •    Llanfyllin, Powys

    •    Leyland, Lancashire

    •    Ponteland, Northmberland

    •    Wigton, Cumbria

    •    Horsham, West Sussex

    •    Wymondham, Norfolk


Customers in those areas can get the new technology installed for free and it will work with the broadband provider of their choice.

Estimates suggest there are around 160,000 lines that could make use of the new technology. If trials are successful it is likely to be rolled out nationwide.

Let us know: do you live in an area with poor broadband speeds? How close to the speed you were promised is your connection?