Brydge adds Transformer Prime-style keyboard dock to iPad

Tim Cook says people don't want tablet-netbook hybrids – here's a Kickstarter project that reckons he's wrong

Tim Cook may have claimed that tablet-netbook hybrids are like jamming a toaster and a fridge together – but laptop-style iPad keyboard docks just keep cropping up.

Now Kickstarter project Brydge is gambling that Tim's mistaken – and it's passed its funding goal with 39 days to go, suggesting that at least some people want to turn their iPad into a mini-Macbook.

Okay, the Brydge doesn't kit the iPad out with battery-charging skills or a trackpad like the Asus Transformer Prime's dock, but it does give you a Bluetooth keyboard that tilts up to a handy typing position when you open the dock. Built-in stereo speakers are also available as an optional extra – bettering the Prime in one key respect. Plus the Brydge is made of anodised aluminium, so it matches up nicely with the iPad's aesthetic.

The Brydge is available without speakers for a Kickstarter pledge of US$170, or with speakers for a pledge of US$210 – international shipping will add US$35 to the price.

It may not keep your milk cold while toasting your bagel, but the Brydge shows that there is an appetite for an iPad Air – go on, Tim, admit it.

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