Broadband tax gets pre-Budget thumbs up

Just as it was predicted in September, the government's controversial broadband tax has been given the go ahead in Alistair Darling's pre-Budget repor

The tax will see houses with a fixed phone line being charged 50p a month which will be put towards the cost of getting "super-fast" broadband to rural locations.

The plan is to get 90% of the UK surfing speedily but the end of 2017, and the £6 a year from every landline owner is expected to raise funds of around £170m to help make this happen.

The cash has been put aside for the 30% of homes experts think will be missed out by commercial broadband plans, but critics have slated the tax over worries it won't be enough to foot the bill.

What do you think to the broadband tax – will you mind paying it? Let us know you thoughts below.

Via: BBC