Brilliant games for next to nothing: All hail the Steam Christmas sale

Deck the halls with a load of cheap games for yourself and your friends from the web shop's annual Christmas sale
Public service announcement: Steam Christmas sale has started

If you're going to be getting a Steam Box, you're going to need some games, right? Here's your opportunity to stock up - or to gift soem awesome and cheap games to your friends.

Valve’s annual game sale will run till the 3rd of January. Expect huge discounts up to 85% for blockbuster games in the daily deals: right now, the incredible Bioshock Infinite costs just £6.24, while Dishonored tips the scales at £3.24. We’ve spotted indie games for less than a pound to the Caped Crusader's latest adventure, Batman: Arkham Origins, for an affordable £19.99 on the first day. 

Do remember to camp out at the Steam client or website for some fantastic deals from the flash sale, which refreshes every eight hours.

Happy gaming. And remember - you have presents to buy for other people, too. We can help with that...

Achievement unlocked

Achievement unlocked

And what’s a Steam Christmas sale without some achievements to unlock? This year, you’ll be unlocking Snow Globe badges, which will be used to unlock in-game items in Team Fortress 2, Spiral Knights, Warframe and many more games. Oh, and an emoticon and a profile background too.

So how do you get Snow Globe badges? Craft one, using 10 Snow Globe trading cards. You can either purchase them from the Steam store, vote for the Community Choice Flash Sale or stalk your friends for more Snow Globe trading cards. Plus, for every US$10 you spend during the sale, you’ll get one Snow Globe trading card too. Check the FAQ for more details.

Now go forth, and stockpile more games you'll seldom or never play in your Steam library.

[Source: Steam]