Breville Radio Toaster heats up the airwaves

Dual-purpose toaster combines two indispensible kitchen gadgets in one handsome package

Sure you can turn up to the housewarming party with a bottle of three-for-a-tenner plonk, but that’s a gift that’ll be forgotten before the following day’s hangover has lifted. Instead, heat the home of someone you like enough to spend £50 on by getting them the Breville Radio Toaster, with FM/AM receiver and two wide toasting slots.

It’s not exactly high-tech – there’s a state-of-1990 backlit digital tuner display, graphic EQ and 10 presets, plus defrost and reheat modes. But it looks cool and has a line-in for iPods, smartphones or even – if you fancy bringing it up to speed – a DAB radio.

Yours for a penny under £50 on the 1st of March from