Breaking – Apple is even richer than before

Deciding its record Q1 profits weren’t big enough, the iPhone maker has set a new standard in making piles of filthy lucre

We’re not usually given to the suited Jackanory that is sitting around listening to accountants read from spreadsheets, but when that company is Apple, it makes for an interesting yarn.

The company revealed in January it had set all-time records for iPhone and iPad sales, and made £77m through iTunes on Christmas Day alone. As things stand, it is worth over US$100bn and is the most valuable brand on Earth. So what news?

Brushing the dust from its ledgers to report on its Q2 earnings, Apple revealed a record March quarter in which it sold a staggering 35 million iPhones and 12 million iPads (admittedly including the inaugural two-week gold rush for the iPad 3).

Throw four million Macs into the equation (and nearly eight million iPods), and you’ve doubled your profits year-on-year to US$11.6bn on a revenue of nearly US$40bn.

Apple share prices dropped last week in anticipation of disappointing prices. Looks like Apple’s having the last laugh now.

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