Brain fuel cells could power fake limbs

Stick one of MIT's new glucose-powered chips in your head and become the Six Million Dollar Man

We admit MIT's new glucose-powered fuel cells aren't going to turn you into the Six Million Dollar Man, partly because – well, The Six Million Dollar Man isn't real.

But MIT bod Dr. Rahul Sarpesklar's clever system, which harnesses your body's own glucose molecules and turns them into fuel to run a computer chip, could be the answer to powering fake limbs. And we think that's just as neat.

Eating and drinking will replenish the 'fuel' – so there's no worry about running out of the sugar-filled spinal fluid that the system taps into. The implant only needs 100 microwatts of energy to work and all that's accompanying the chip is a thin membrane and two electrodes to kick off the oxidation process.

The system hasn't been tested on animals or humans yet – and brain implants to power prosthetic limbs are still being tested themselves – but that won't stop us putting in our order for bionic biceps.

[via Wired]

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