Bowers & Wilkins pumps up the volume on revised Mini Theatre series

MT-60D and MT-50 systems arrive with superpowered new PV1D subwoofer and retuned M-1 satellite speakers

Cinema remakes are notorious for fading into the shadows of the originals, but Bowers & Wilkins thinks that – seven years after its multi award-winning Mini Theatre series – a reboot of its Mini Theatre system will swin it a fresh set of plaudits.

Going up for the gongs are B&W’s revised pair of compact 5.1 surround sound systems – the MT-60D and MT-50 – starring five identical M-1 satellites, redesigned from the ground-up to offer bookshelf hi-fi speaker quality.

Bowers & Wilkins has also reworked its sterling subwoofer – the PV1D, above – for the MT-60D Mini Theatre system. The sub keeps its iconic styling, but gains deeper and more responsive bass, plus an OLED display. The MT-50 retains the existing ASW608 sub for its lower price tag, though this now comes in white as well as black (as you can see below).

The MT-60D – comprising five M-1 satellites and the PV1D sub – is priced at £1945, while the MT-50 – five M-1s and the ASW608 sub – comes in at £1095. Alternatively the speakers will be available individually (M-1s are £150 a piece, and the PV1D and ASW608 are £1200 and £350 respectively). Stands for the M-1s are £200 a pair.

The revised MT060D and MT50 Mini Theatre systems are available from March.

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