Borders outs Elonex ebook

While British bookworms wait impatiently for the latest Amazon Kindle, Borders has decided to take matters into its own hands. The high street book ch

Clocking in at £189, it's up for grabs now. It comes with 100 classic titles already stuffed on board, with enough internal memory for a massive 1,000 books. For an extra £30, you can snag a 4GB SD card and leather case.

It tips the scales at 180g, which Borders is keen to point out is size zero compared to the portly Sony Reader. The big S's PR–505 model weighs a relatively obese 260g.

That said, it doesn't skimp on battery life, offering 8,000 page turns compared to the 7,000 offered by the Sony Reader. Add to that support for ePub and Adobe format support, along with an online store chock full of 45,000 titles, and you're looking at a winner.

A quick scout of Borders' eBook store shows everything from a £6.99 biography of perennial gossip mag fave Jennifer Aniston and a £9.19 poetry collection by new Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy.

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