Boeing is making an Android spy phone

You read that right – the maker of 747s is rustling up super secure smartphones in its spare time

Military and government workers in the US could soon be strutting around with a Boeing phone in their highly classified pockets as Boeing gears up for a late 2012 release of its Android spy phone.

Boeing slipped the details to National Defense magazine, noting that the super secure phone won't be as expensive as other £10,000+ custom made military smartphones but is likely to cost a touch more than your average Droid handset.

You'll still be able to get apps on there – that's why Boeing chose Android – but the phone probably won't have the same access to the Google Play Store as your Galaxy S II.

Instead the Boeing phone is set to employ some serious encryption for 'business communications' as well as biometric access. Boeing should probably chuck one Sienna Miller's way – the tabloids are much more interested in what's on her phone than that of some government bod anyway.

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