B&O Play reinvents the iPad dock with the BeoPlay A3

If you were wondering what an iPad dock designed by impossible staircase merchant MC Esher would look like, B&O’s A3 has a clue

We’ll come straight out with the bad news – B&O’s angular new BeoPlay A3 iPad dock doesn’t support iPad 3. Bad news for early adopters, but good news for sour-mouthed iPad and iPad 2 owners looking to give their Apple tablets some fresh lustre next to the hi-res new upstart.

In fact, B&O (a company that assumes some degree of wealth, it’s worth noting) thinks this could make an ideal dock for an iPad 3 owner with an older generation iPad gathering dust somewhere. The luxury Danish audio brand’s new iPad dock is a monolithic obelisk that turns your iPad into a table-top TV, video conferencing stand, portable hi-fi or typing stand, effortlessly balancing on its mathematically angled back to suit any orientation.

B&O has also baked intelligent stereo orientation into the BeoPlay A3 to switch between its three speakers and deliver left/right sound whether it’s in portrait or landscape mode.

In a world of me-too docking stations, we’re all in favour of B&O’s new take on housing your iPad. Shame it won’t support the iPad 3 in time for its May 21 release date (for £450), but B&O assures us the A3 will be updated in good time.

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