B&O BeoPlay V1 flatscreen TV announced

Smart TVs usually have a internet connection. For B&O, smart still means stylish. Not that its V1 doesn’t play nice with the streaming set

B&O Play – the subdivision of Bang & Olufsen that deals in products we might one day be able to afford – has a new TV, the BeoPlay V1. Its two-piece sheet aluminium body is wrought around a stunning screen and a powerful built-in soundbar that throws out some of the best audio you’ll hear from a TV that’s not hooked up to home cinema system.

Available in a choice of 32in or 40in models, the B&O BeoPlay V1 (or B&O Play BeoPlay V1 to give it its slightly repetitive full name) also comes with a choice of mounting options that allow for floor standing, table-top use, wall mounting or ceiling suspension (pictured below).

Tucked behind the ICEpower-fed speakers (also customisable – the grille comes in a choice of funky colours) is a removable panel in which to conceal all manner of connections. You can even stow an Apple TV neatly inside. And the B&O remote will control all your consoles, disc players and streaming devices as well as the BeoPlay V1 itself.

The B&O BeoPlay V1 is available from May 3 for £2000 (32in) or £2500 (40in) in black or white. We did say we might be able to afford it one day

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