This Bluetooth-equipped frying pan will turn you into a wizard in the kitchen

Frying pans? There's an app for that

It's a pan. A pan. How is this Hot Stuff?This is no ordinary pan. This pan is like having Gordon Ramsay standing over your shoulder in the kitchen.

It shouts at you? It teaches you to cook, with science. Pantelligent is a Bluetooth-equipped frying pan that syncs up with your iPhone, telling you when to flip your steak and when you're burning your scallops.

How does it know? A temperature sensor is built into the base of the pan; fire up the app, pick a recipe and it'll track how hot the pan is, alerting you if it strays outside of a set temperature range. That means that you can pick a recipe from the app's selection, and get minute-by-minute guidance on cooking it. It'll even sync up with a Pebble smartwatch to give you alerts on your wrist.

Pantelligent app

What if I'm not inspired by their recipes? You wild improviser, you. Not to worry; Pantelligent also has a freestyle mode, which lets you set your own temperature range and monitor the temperature on the fly. You can also use a record recipe mode to capture temperature data while you're cooking, so you can perfectly duplicate your culinary masterpiece later.

So how can I get my hands on this wonder-pan? Pantelligent is currently taking pledges on Kickstarter. With 45 days left on the clock, it's almost raised its US$30,000 goal – so it's a dead cert that it'll be funded. US$200 will get you a Pantelligent pan (shipping outside the USA is US$30).

[Source: Kickstarter via Engadget]

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