Blue Monday – and why it doesn’t matter

A lot of people will tell you today is the most miserable day of the year. It’s not, so cheer up while we give you a good news injection

Oh noes – it’s Blue Monday, the saddest day of the year. Sad face. :(

And so on...

Scratch that – Blue Monday is a made-up PR stunt giving companies who’ve got nothing relevant to promote an excuse to promote it anyway. It’s an opportunity to sell life’s least bankable emotion: happiness. We've half a mind to name and shame the culprits right here.

But first allow us to tip our hats to Dr Ben Goldacre, who has debunked this myth pretty comprehensively on his blog. Secondly, even if you have got the January blues, there really is no need for the long face. 2012 was great (here’s a reminder in the medium of Lego), but 2013 is an even better year in prospect. Here’s why…

2013 began with a gadget bonanza

There is no reason at all why you should care about gadget trade shows. They’re full of people with funny facial hair talking about market signifiers and roadmaps. Bo-ring. On your behalf we braved the halls of CES, the tech world’s biggest jamboree, and plucked out the best stuff to expect on shelves this year. Take a look at our CES 2013 Hot Stuff Award winners if you don’t believe us. Can’t be bothered? Watch the video instead.

The Thingternet is so 2013

The Internet of Things is so fresh it still comes with capital letters (remember that, internet?). It was one of our pics for The Cool List in 2012, and 2013 is promising to make our lives fabulouser than ever for not much money. If 2013 being the Year of the Internet of Things doesn’t put some boom in your gloom, we don’t know what will. Oh wait: we do. Read on…

Smartphones and tablets are evolving

Evolving how, exactly? That’s too difficult a question to answer in this short paragraph. But two of the emerging trends could be tactile touchscreens and bendy smartphones. Oh, and it looks like Apple is making an iPhone Mini. All this before the traditional February unveiling of new smartphone and tablet tech? Yep – but we’ve together some ideas of what to expect from MWC 2013 anyway.

NFC is coming of age

Near-field communication (NFC) is the most brilliant technology you never use. But it’s ripening up nicely in all sorts of life-improving ways, and 2013 is going to be a bumper year for touchy tech shennanigans. Will Apple put NFC in the iPhone 6? We hope so (keep an eye on our Apple News page for updates), and we think it’ll have to – look at all the fun things you’ll be doing with NFC in 2013 (yes, NFC socks are a thing).

2013 is going to be mega

We realise, of course, that there is every likelihood of 2013 being full of financial misery, bad weather and nutters going on shooting sprees in Sainsburys. So switch off real life, and get involved in what promises to be a vintage year in gaming, the year we (as a species) ditch Facebook for something better and the year that – with a few upgrades to your geek life – could be the best of your life. Still feeling miserable? Learn how to roast your own coffee beans? Still no? We give up… have your Blue Monday. But don't say we didn't try.

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