Blu-ray gets a boost on PS3

Whoop–de–do hi-def lovers. If you’re packing a PS3, get ready for aural–related treats. The next firmware update comes replete

For those at the back, that means studio quality sound coming straight out of your Blu–ray player, which now supports BD+ too.

DTS brag that the transfer rate is so speedy, you’ll be able to get 7.1 audio channel, matching the studio master recording. That’s a darn sight better than the current PS3 offering. You’ll hear bullets whizzing past Seagal’s head clearer than ever, make no mistake.

On top of that, Sony has also stuck a video walk through of their all-new PlayStation Store on their official blog. The revamped portal will be shot straight to your PS3, as part of firmware 2.3, on April 15. A mere five days away.

Looks like Sony’s turning the screw on the HD–less Xbox from where we’re sitting.


PS3 firmware 2.3

Price: £Free

On sale: April 15

Contact: Sony