Block light in style with these 8-bit designer gamer blinds

Blinds? On Don't worry, we haven't gone mad. Click on through and you'll see exactly why we're excited

Blinds have never been the most exciting example of household furnishings, but this latest selection from Direct Blinds has set our desire-o-meter off the charts.

Inspired by the gaming greats of yesteryear, each made-to-measure blind serves up classic gaming icons from Pac-Man and his ghost nemesis, to the Mario mushroom and Space Invaders alien.

Each design is made up from a collage of gaming goodies including controllers and old school handhelds, and we plan on knocking in some extra windows so that we can collect the whole set.

They're the ideal companion for your existing Super Mario vinyl wall art and should compliment our best video game prop replicas rather nicely too. Head on over to Direct Blinds and order your slice of retro gaming goodness from £100 now.

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