BlackBerry’s BB10 handsets to feature HD screens

RIM is stepping into the media market fully armed with a 16:9, clear display


BlackBerry is still keeping most of its BB10 handset details under wraps. But in a bid to aid developers working with the BB10 Dev Alpha RIM has released screen resolutions for its new handsets.

RIM will be unveiling two new handsets: a full-screened BB10 sporting a 16:9 display running a 1280x720 resolution, and a keyboard-toting model that will arrive packing the highest BlackBerry resolution display ever at 720x720. Compare that to the current 640x480 of the Bold 9900 and you can imagine it’s going to impress.

While developers will have to struggle with making two versions of apps to fit both handsets – or put up with letterboxing – we’re hoping it doesn’t put them off too much and that the BB10 handsets can put RIM back in the game once more. Expect an early 2013 release date.

[BlackBerry via TechRadar

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