BlackBerry Storm – more details leak out

RIM's efforts at keeping anything to do with the touchscreen BlackBerry Storm have really failed miserably. First there were just leaked shots, then a

And now Boy Genius Report, known for its RIM–gazumping work, has come up woth even more hot news. This time, they've found a dull–looking Powerpoint slide which actually contains news on the phone's multitouch and copy and paste functionality.

Word is that you'll be able to pinch and scroll over text, copy it and then dump it wherever you want on the phone. Basically the sort of thing every mobile lover's been begging Apple to do with the iPhone for well over a year now.

We're getting some hands–on time with the Storm later this week, so expect an announcement coming at you very soon indeed. And if you can't hold on for the BlackBerry, check out feature on the best touchscreen phone for you.


BlackBerry Storm

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