BlackBerry Storm hitting stores on Friday

Vodafone's already outed a whacking 26 different price plans for the BlackBerry Storm. And now you'll be able to get stuck into any one of them from t

Unearthed by our buddies at ElectricPig, the news is hot on the heels of Vodafone's plans to start shifting the cell from 11 November. For those at the back, the Storm packs a full multitouch clickable screen, HSDPA and room for 16GB of SD storage. Plenty for tunes and movies on the move.

Prices kick off at £35 a month, with a 24 month deal getting you the phone for nothing. But if you're after a less text and minute heavy deal, then you'll need to stump up £500. Now that's not exactly credit crunch friendly.

And remember, if you're still not sure, you can check out our exclusive hands–on with the BlackBerry Storm for pics and first thoughts.


BlackBerry Storm

Price: From £free

On sale: 7 November

Contact: Phones4U